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If you’re hunting for the most modern 1911 variant out there, don’t miss the Staccato 2011. Crafted specifically to bring the venerable 1911 design into the 21st century, it boasts several improvements over its predecessor. One place the 2011 excels over the original 1911 is as a concealed carry weapon. In this post, we’ll look at using either the Staccato C and C2 2011 as a concealed carry gun and the best type of 1911 holster to go with it.

The Staccato 2011 C

The first Staccato 2011 for concealed carry applications was the C. Short for “concealed,” the C featured many improvements over a traditional 1911 design. For one, Staccato boasts that the C will improve your accuracy 2-fold. That’s thanks to the C’s Dawson Precision fiber optic sights. You can even use the sights to co-witness with small red dot optics. As a result, it’s incredibly easy to acquire targets and perform follow-up shots with the C.

With its metal alloy frame, the C is extremely light. It weighs in at just 26.6 ounces without an optic or magazine. That’s in contrast to the nearly 40 ounces that a standard 1911 weighs. It also has a smaller length than your average 1911 (7.4 inches vs 8.5 inches). Both of these factors play in to make the gun highly concealable.

The Staccato C’s single-stack magazine also plays into its concealability. Traditionally chambered in 9mm, the C features a standard 8-round magazine. The gun comes with 3 magazines from Staccato, though, so you won’t need to worry about running out of firepower. And with its 3.9-inch barrel, the Staccato C makes shooting even longer-distance shots relatively easy.

Staccato IWB Leather Holster

The Staccato 2011 C2

In many ways, Staccato used what they learned when building the C to make a better C2. First, they cut down the gun’s dimensions. As a result, it’s even more concealable than the original C is. They also doubled its magazine size, increasing it from 8 to 16. That’s a ton of firepower in a tiny package.

But that doesn’t mean the C2 is superior in every way. For example, its smaller size means that it has a smaller barrel. Clocking in at 3 inches, the C2 doesn’t have as long of a sight radius as the C. That means popping off accurate shots can be difficult for newer shooters. It’s still more than enough for engagements within 25 yards, though.

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Choose the Best Concealed Carry Holster for a Staccato C or C2 2011 with the Southern Trapper

Even after you’ve decided on a Staccato C or C2 2011 for your concealed carry 1911 variant, you’re still going to need a holster. A gun is only one part of your concealed carry rig, after all. And one issue that Staccato owners face is that their guns don’t fit into a standard 1911 holster. That’s especially true if they’ve added any accessories like a red dot or tactical light.

Fortunately, the Southern Trapper can build a custom holster for whichever 2011 variant you ultimately choose. These heritage-grade concealed carry holsters are the kind of accessory you pass down to your kids along with your Staccato C or C2 2011. To learn more, explore our entire selection in our online store.

Staccato 2011 IWB Holster

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