Will a 2011 Fit in a 1911 Holster or Do I Need a Custom Gun Holster?

So you just picked up a shiny new Staccato 2011 and now you need a gun holster for it. That’s got you wondering, “will a 2011 fit in a 1911 holster?” We have your answer, although you may not like it.

Alligator 1911 Holster

The Staccato 2011 is indeed based on the 1911’s classic design. However, the two guns also have some significant differences. Those differences are big enough to necessitate a custom gun holster for your Staccato 2011.

IWB Holster

Fortunately, we’ve got your back. At Southern Trapper, we can craft you a custom gun holster for your Staccato 2011 made from durable (and just straight-up cool) alligator leather. You’ve already got a gun that will turn heads. Why not get a holster that can compliment it? 

Black Cowhide Holster

Check out our online store to learn more and browse our styles.

Black Leather Holster