Staccato P vs Staccato C2

Staccato has become a very popular gun manufacturing company over the last 25 years from its beginnings as STI. This firearm has been recognized as one of the best if not the best competitive shooting firearm in the world. It is also used by Law Enforcerment, U.S Marshalls, and civilians for home defense.

In this post, we are going to compare two of the most popluar models Staccato has to offer, the C2 and the P. We will give you a glance into which model might be a better decision for you. We will also recommend some of the most popular leather holsters made by "The Southern Trapper" .

Black leather staccato holster

Staccato P

The Staccato P is the larger of the two firearms, with it's barrel length coming in at 4.4". The standard frame is made up of certified American billet steel or you can go for something lighter like aluminium.

As for the front sights you can choose lower standard carry front sights or upgrade to a taller front sight to co-witness with a red dot optic. To add an optic, you will have to purchase a complimentary mounting plate. However, they are deisgned to fit a multitude of options, such as the Leupold Delta Poitn Pro, Holosun 508/509, Trijicon RMR, and many more. 

One of the biggest draws to Staccato and their 2011's is the magazine capacity. The double stack stock magazine offers the ability to hold 17 rounds and you get two of them with your purchase. You also recieve a longer magazine that holds up to 20 rounds for even more fire power.

Staccato P

Staccato C2

The Staccato C2 is the more compact version with a barrel length of 3.9" in length.

You are able to fully customize this firearm as you would with the P model. You can change the front sights, add an optic plate, change the barrel, and even add serations to the slide. 

The magazines you get with the Staccato C2 are three 16 round mags. You will never need to worry about running out of ammo while carrying 48 total bullets. The only downside is that the minimum carrying capacity of the C2 is 16 vs the P which is 17. Howevever, one bullet may not matter to you if you can carry a smaller firearm. 

Staccato C2

Price Point

The Staccato P offers the same customizations options that of its smaller sister model the C2. But it does come with a higher starting price point at $2,099.00 and going up to $2,799.00. The Staccato C2 starts off at $1,999.00 and depending on the customization options can run you up to $2,848.99.

How To Choose? 

Whether you are a seasoned law enforcement agent or a new gun owner trying to protect their home. The simple answer is that either will work wonders for you. You may want to choose the C2 based upon its shorter barrel as it is easier to conceal. It also has a lower starting price if you are trying to save a few bills, as neither gun is very cheap. The P model might be the right choice if you are used to carrying something a bit larger or do not have to worry about concealing it.

Either option you choose, you are going to need something to safely carry your new Staccato and that is where the Southern Trapper comes into play. They have been working with Staccato and making holsters for there firearms for many years. Take this quick 4 question quiz and find the perfect holster for you.

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