What Holsters Won’t Scratch Your Staccato?

Are there any holsters out there that won’t leave a mark on your new Staccato? It’s something that many firearms enthusiasts never think about until it’s too late. They only consider it after they buy their first holsters and notice wear on their guns. That’s when they begin asking themselves about different types of materials for gun holsters like kydex, leather, and suede. That’s exactly what we’re going to take a look at below in this entry on suede and kydex vs leather holsters.

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Benefits of Kydex Holsters

Although kydex has become synonymous with rugged, hard gun holsters, that’s actually not its origin. Instead, kydex found its first use in airplane parts. However, it’s become one of the most ubiquitous materials for gun holsters since the 1980s. Countless police forces around the country use kydex holsters, and they’ve also become popular among civilian shooters as well.

Benefits of Leather Holsters

For as long as humans have had pistols, we’ve had holsters. And for centuries, we made those holsters out of leather. While other materials have become popular in recent decades, leather is still one of the most popular and common. There’s a reason for that. Leather holsters have plenty of benefits. For one, they’re durable. A high-quality leather holster will serve your Staccato or any other firearm well for your entire life. They’re also reliable. Leather holsters hold your firearm tightly, but still allows for a smooth, easy draw when the need arises.

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Benefits of Suede Holsters

Suede holsters are kind of like the inverse of kydex ones. While kydex has gotten popular recently, suede has become more niche. However, suede holsters still have their benefits. For one, they don’t require any sort of break-in period. They’re also extremely inexpensive, which makes them attractive to newer gun owners. And since suede is a softer material than leather and kydex, some firearms enthusiasts use them for concealed carry purposes.

Suede holsters are also highly soft, meaning they don’t leave any wear on guns by themselves. Unfortunately, they attract dust and grit easily, which will actually have the reverse effect - causing more wear on your guns. They’re also difficult to keep clean, compounding this problem.

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Reducing Wear: Leather vs Kydex Holsters

As two of the most common materials for gun holsters, there’s plenty of data backing up how much leather vs kydex holsters wear on guns. And the data has one conclusion to tell us.

While kydex holsters have a ton of benefits, they do have a few drawbacks. One of them is that they’ll leave significant wear on your gun. In fact, kydex holsters leave more wear marks on your gun than nearly any other kind of gun holster material. It’s just a fact of life for kydex holster owners.

In contrast, leather is soft enough that it won’t cause significant wear to your gun on its own. But like suede, leather holsters can attract grit and other buildup, which in turn will cause wear. Fortunately though, leather is much easier to clean than suede is.

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