Why and How to Use a Leather Shoulder Holster?

In today’s firearm world of super high-speed, mega-concealable holster rigs, it seems like the classic shoulder holster has somewhat fallen by the wayside. However, that’s not entirely the case. In fact, you can still find many people using a leather shoulder holster today, and we’re not just talking about ‘80s cop movie enthusiasts. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these types of holsters, including examining how to wear a shoulder holster and whether you can viably use one for concealed carry.

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Shoulder Holsters: Why Use One?

There are a few different reasons that you may want to consider using a shoulder holster. We’ll check out the two main reasons below.

You Spend Lots of Time Sitting

This is probably the main reason to use a shoulder holster. One of the main reasons these types of holsters became popular in the first place is because they’re extremely easy to draw from while you’re seated. You can’t say the same of other types of holsters – for instance the popular AIWB (appendix inside the waistband).

As a result, shoulder holsters are a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting. This could mean you have some kind of job where you work at a desk, but also need to be ready for action at a moment’s notice. It’s also useful for anyone who spends a lot of time driving. For example, if you’re a delivery driver in a bad area, a shoulder holster may make sense (if your work allows you to carry, that is).

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Using a Shoulder Holster for Concealed Carry

Another great application for a shoulder holster is using one for concealed carry. If you’re the kind of stylish gunslinger who wears blazers, sport coats, or suit coats daily (whether for work or personal reasons), a shoulder holster may be one of the best options to conceal a pistol.

If you’re going to use a shoulder holster for a concealed carry gun, make sure you get one with an extra mag pouch under your strong side armpit. For one, this helps with weight distribution and makes wearing your shoulder holster more comfortable. An extra magazine will also give you increased firepower should you ever need to use your weapon, and it’s also useful for clearing jams.

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How to Wear a Leather Shoulder Holster

Putting on a shoulder holster really makes you appreciate how most women deal with a bra every day. You want the straps to fit snugly – not so tightly that it restricts movement, and not so loose that your gun is flopping around in your armpit. Ideally, it should feel like there’s nothing there at all. The holster itself should sit in an area where it’s comfortable and doesn’t bulge or pinch when you move around. If it’s too tight, the barrel of your gun will jut into your armpit. That’s not a particularly enjoyable feeling, and gives you the sensation of being held hostage.

Ultimately, the easiest way to get a shoulder holster to fit properly and comfortably is to get one custom-made for your body. That’s where the Southern Trapper has your back. Our leathermen craft every holster we sell for a customer’s individual needs. That not only means your specific body dimensions, but also the dimensions of your firearm. To get started on the road to your next leather shoulder holster, take our simple four-question survey.

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